Client Testimonials

Clients of the Fishback Law Corporation in Orange County and Southern California trust our office to provide them with capable and caring representation throughout the entire process of their Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy, including helping them to restore their credit and prepare for a successful future in life after bankruptcy. Please read below to see firsthand how our clients feel about their experience with our firm. If you need a bankruptcy attorney in Orange County, Los Angeles, Riverside, San Bernardino or San Fernando Valley, please consider Fishback Law Corporation.

The following testimonials are meant to be illustrative only. These testimonials do not constitute a guarantee, warranty or prediction regarding the outcome of your legal matter.

I was struggling with a homeowners association. I had gone through a divorce and as a result fell behind in several areas. I was able to work out agreeable repayment plans with all of my creditors with the exception of my homeowners association. The attorney of the HOA aggressively pursued me, piled on legal fees and demanded a debtor’;s exam threatening to take my car and levy my bank accounts. I could not take the risk of losing my business. I hadn’t even considered bankruptcy as an option until I sought legal advice. My attorney suggested I just meet with Parisa to determine if BK would be a solution. Parisa set up an informational meeting and within an hour was able to determine whether I even qualified for BK. She was professional, affordable, reassuring and went to bat for me immediately. The HOA attorney could no longer berate me and my assets were protected. Parisa was understanding and helped me make a fresh start. Parisa has a history of working with people in financial hardship. She knows most people do want to have integrity and be able to pay their debts. She is honoring, respectful, compassionate and effective. On the day of court, she was polished and it was evident she was highly respected by the judge. I am grateful that Parisa represented me.

C.F., Orange County mother of two teenagers and small business owner

My husband and I had to go through the dismal decision to file bankruptcy to save our home. This recession hit us hard and unfortunately we just could not afford the payments anymore. We picked Parisa Fishback to have a consultation with and were planning on speaking with two more attorneys as well. We were both miserable at the thought of having to do this so we were very nervous going in. I can honestly say Ms. Fishback put us at ease instantly. After speaking with her we looked no further, we both wanted her to represent us. She is extremely knowledgeable and could answer every question we had. What I really appreciate as well, is how she has walked us through this step by step to make this experience as easy as it can possibly be. In the weeks following our consultation we would have more questions come up (we had a corporation also and it made this much more complicated) and she was available immediately to take our calls and thoroughly answer every question. She is wonderful with making this experience understandable and has the patience of a saint. If you want someone who is professional and caring to take this huge burden off your shoulders, Ms. Fishback would be your choice. She is competent, reassuring, and someone you trust from the moment you meet her. She also helps after the bankruptcy is over and I have never heard of any attorney offering this type of service. She wants to make sure you have all the tools to make life after bankruptcy as smooth as possible. You must meet her to understand what a capable, personable person she is and my husband and I are forever grateful for what she has done for us.

J.S. and D.S.

I was going thru a very hard time. I was scared, confused and I felt like I had no way out. I always thought bankruptcy was the end of everything, so I never saw myself filing for it.

I heard about Parisa through my friend and I gave her a call. I had gone to see some other bankruptcy Lawyers, but Parisa was very thorough, very patient and she explained things to me that none of the other lawyers had. My options were very clear to me, thanks to her, and I decided to hire Parisa for my case. The process was very quick and Parisa was very proactive throughout the whole thing.

When the court date came I was very nervous and anxious, and I remember calling Parisa nearly in tears, and once again she reassured me that everything was going to be okay. She met me in court that day, and as soon as I saw her I felt this calm feeling come over me. She hugged me and told me that she was there for me to help me and that everything is going to be fine.

Shortly after my court hearing I received my Debt Discharge papers and Parisa showed me how to get back on track in building my credit.

Four months after I had filed, my car lease was ending and I never thought that I was going to be able to lease a car under my name. Well, I thought wrong, I went to my car dealer and tried, and now I’m driving a 2012 Mercedes-Benz, C250. The car is under my name and my payments are under $400 a month.

Parisa was there for me from start to finish and this is the type of lawyer you need when filing for bankruptcy.

Thank you, Parisa you saved my future :))

R.S. – Hollywood

After having a very bad and stressful experience with another bankruptcy attorney, I took my chances to release the former attorney and try to find someone who would be kind and caring and provide me with a stress free journey to complete my case. Someone who had some compassion and a caring nature that would provide me with much reassurance from what can be a very emotional and draining experience. I was referred to Parisa Fishback by a personal friend and I knew from my very first phone call with Parisa, that she was exactly what I needed to help me complete my bankruptcy. Not only is Parisa kind and caring, but she is extremely knowledgeable in her field, very detailed and organized, and highly respected among her peers and in the court system, which I experienced first hand during the final phases of the case. Although my case was not simple, the process from start to finish was smooth and very efficient. I can’t say enough great things about Parisa. Being represented by her was an honor!


Parisa has a calming and welcoming demeanor that helped my husband and I through one of the most difficult experiences of our life. Her intricate knowledge of the legal process and ability to explain what we could expect, left us aware and prepared for each element. We had worked with a couple of previous attorneys and neither was able to be both informative and compassionate! Parisa was truly a blessing for our family and getting us through our legal matters.

D.R. – Orange County

She is very helpful to customer and she is always taking care of her clients’ interests. Very professional.

Parisa is a fantastic attorney. You have direct access to her, she replies back to your emails and returns phone calls in a very timely manner. We feel very comfortable and confident about her abilities to help us resolve our issues, and would absolutely recommend her.


Your conscientious performance in our Chapter 7 was impressive. You rescued us from the incompetence of the previous attorney and achieved a perfect result in our case. We are pleased to provide you with our highest recommendation. Well done and best wishes.

A.B. and D.B.

The bankruptcy services which were rendered to me by Fishback Law Corporation were very professional but comforting. I was thrilled when my attorney, Parisa Fishback, was successful in navigating and securing my bankruptcy filing. Her professional services went beyond my expectations in terms of cost savings and the speed in which she accomplished our goals. What I appreciated most about working with Parisa was her ability to cut through the predictable politics of the project, keep everyone happy and deliver the expected results.

Satisfied client, D.C.

I have been dealing with Parisa Fishback now for few months, the day I have my first meeting with Parisa I know that I was dealing with someone that was very professional and knows about this business very well, very important when you have to deal for the first time in life with this type of problems and you have been good for over 45 years in regards to keeping the credit clean. She makes you feel good and relax that what happens is nothing wrong.

Very straight and professional, very helpful in all the areas, always respond to your questions and there for you when you need her. I have to say that I will always recommend her to help someone

My case is not close yet with the court, that is coming soon, but I think she helps me big time here for a little money. Work very hard on my case and save me money and time

I have to say that she is very good at this

J.L., Yorba Linda, California

Parisa Fishback has assisted us with this important business decision and we are grateful for all her help. She made sure to make herself available from start to finish and encouraged us to call her with questions at any time even after the fact. It was immediately evident that she is well respected in the legal community and her expertise and knowledge on handling cases such as ours were invaluable. We highly recommend her law group and know you will experience the same valuable advice and guidance as we did.