Bankruptcy Attorney in Orange County

At the Fishback Law Corp in Irvine, we provide comprehensive representation for individuals and businesses throughout Southern California facing financial stress from the pressure of creditors trying to force our clients to make payments that they simply cannot make. Our knowledge of and experience with bankruptcy and other laws for consumer protection help us in our quest to provide you with fast, effective debt relief and freedom from the worry and anxiety that overwhelming financial pressures bring.

Below is a brief summary of the help we provide in our major areas of practice.

Chapter 7 Consumer Bankruptcy – Eliminate your debt and start over fresh without the constant worry and pressure of bill collectors. A review of your property will allow us to let you know how much property you can exempt from bankruptcy and what types of debt you can eliminate. Some consumers emerge from bankruptcy debt-free without having to sell any assets as part of the process.

Chapter 7 Business Bankruptcy – Tie up all the loose ends while winding down operations for a failed business. A Chapter 7 bankruptcy puts your creditors on notice that you do not have assets that would justify litigation or other collection efforts.

Chapter 13 Consumer Bankruptcy – Chapter 13 lets you step back and restructure your debts and finances so that you can pay your bills within your means and according to a schedule that works for you. Chapter 13 stops a foreclosure and allows you to catch up on missed payments. Save your home, your car, and other valuable property from foreclosure or repossession with Chapter 13.

Bankruptcy Litigation – We provide strong and effective representation in an adversary proceeding or contested matter that may arise in your bankruptcy, such as a challenge to the dischargeability of a debt or the propriety of any payment or transfer made before the bankruptcy was filed.

Debt Settlement – As an alternative to bankruptcy, we can represent you in negotiating a settlement with your creditor, persuading them to accept a lesser amount as payment for the entire debt.

Lien Stripping – Are you underwater or upside down on your mortgage, owing more to the bank than your home is worth? With the help of Chapter 13, we may be able to strip away a second mortgage, or cram down a first mortgage so its balance reflects your home’s market value.

Foreclosure Defense – Before we let you lose your home, we’ll challenge any wrongful foreclosure action in court, based on a number of defenses commonly available to the homeowner.

Repos, Garnishments & Lawsuits – Our goal is financial stress relief for you, and that includes helping you keep your money and your property. From the automatic stay to the discharge of debt, we work to keep the bill collectors off your back and out of your pockets.

Creditor Harassment – When creditors and bill collectors engage in annoying, harassing, or illegal conduct, we know the legal tools available to make them behave. You shouldn’t be threatened, intimidated or embarrassed into trying to make payments that you can’t afford to make. We understand that and will make sure the bill collectors do too.

Restoring Credit – We go above and beyond seeing you through your bankruptcy. There is life after bankruptcy, and we work to give you the tools, tips and tricks to start fresh with the strategies you need for a successful future and financial freedom.

Bankruptcy Attorney in Orange County and Throughout Southern California

No matter what your needs, we are here to help with caring and compassion in an efficient and effective manner. For immediate assistance in your bankruptcy or related matter from an experienced attorney, contact Fishback Law Corp in Irvine for a free consultation.