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How to Choose a Bankruptcy Attorney

There are millions of lawyers in the world. How do you know how to pick the right one for your bankruptcy case? Improperly managing a Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 claim could lead to dismissal or fraud charges.

Look for the following attributes when hiring a bankruptcy attorney:

  • Experience. You do not want a young attorney fresh out of law school handling your financial future. Let someone with years of experience – a well-rounded professional who has represented both financial institutions and individuals – to offer confident, aggressive legal representation.
  • Knowledge. Can the attorney answer your questions? Does he or she willingly give information? If the lawyer seems shaky about his or her legal knowledge, he or she is probably not the best person for the job.
  • Connections. An experienced attorney should have relationships with the courts, judges, law clerks and other lawyers. While legal knowledge always prevails, it is important for your attorney to have significant connections.
  • Personal attention. A small firm can have the advantage over a larger firm. You get face time with one attorney; your file won’t be passed off to another lawyer or paralegal. One attorney is there to personally answer all your questions.
  • Reasonable fees. An attorney charging exorbitant fees to debtors in financial distress cannot be trusted. Choose a lawyer who offers reasonable rates. A firm that really cares about your case empathizes with your financial situation.

Do not be afraid to interview several lawyers before retaining one. The right Orange County bankruptcy law firm is waiting for your case.

To find a bankruptcy lawyer in Orange County, talk to friends or family who been in similar situations. Look into an attorney’s credentials, past case experience and work history. Always go with your gut and pick the lawyer that feels right to you.

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